Remove Unwanted Objects

You can remove unwanted objects in a shot using a combination of Power Windows, tracking, and the object removal plug‑in found in DaVinci Resolve Studio. First, draw a window around the object you want to remove and track it. Next, add a new node and connect the alpha channel output from the tracked window into the new node. Finally, add the object removal plug‑in and click on the "scene analysis" button. The DaVinci Neural Engine analyzes the shot, using machine learning and AI to determine how to remove the object from the scene. You can adjust the search range, blend mode and clean plate settings until the object disappears!


Clone Part of an Image

The patch replacer lets you quickly paint parts of an image to clean it up. It’s like an image clone or rubber stamp tool that copies pixels from one location to another. It’s perfect for removing blemishes, painting out a piece of garbage, or hiding a small mark in an otherwise clean shot. Just drag the patch replacer from the plug‑in library onto a node. The two on screen controls show the area you're cloning and the part of the image it’s being applied to. Adjust position and size by dragging the on screen controls. Other settings such as the shape, softness and replacement detail, can be changed in the settings inspector. Add an FX tracker to attach it to a moving shot and you’re done!

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