Studio IceField
Wilfred IceField | Remote Colorist
Gevolgde Cursussen

De afgelopen jaren heb ik heel veel interessante cursussen online gedaan om professioneel aan de slag te gaan als freelance remote colorist.

TAC Competency-Based Course

100-days TAC Resolve Training

Masterclasses By Dado Valentic

Color Grading Central

Academy For Cinema Grade

Motion Picture Film LUTs - Pro

Setup Your Own Grading Suite

Look Hacking System

Ripple Training

DaVinci Resolve Core Training

Advanced Color Grading

Sound Editing Fairlight

Color Management

Fairlight Advanced

Warp Speed Fusion

Speed Editor

Commercial Editing

Professional Techniques

Masterclass with Chris Jacobson

Masterclass with John Daro

Masterclass with Derek Hansen

Conforming In Resolve

Color Management Workflows

Film Simplified

Resolve Color Class

Resolve Edit Class

Resolve Cut Class

Resolve Fusion Class

Resolve Fairlight Class

Resolve CRGB Curves Class

Resolve Color Matching Class

Resolve Text Animation Class

Resolve OFX Class

Color Corrections

Mastering Colors

Definitive Guide to Resolve

Advanced Editing

Directing Colors

Real footage "Painters in Paris"

Real footage "Mother Died"

Advanced Grading

Foley Art Sounds

Complete Editing

FXphd (Warren Eagle)

Resolve 17 Fundamentals

Intermediate Resolve 17

Resolve 17 Insights

Warren's Looks & Matching Masterclass

Insider Techniques for the Pro Colorist

Introduction to HDR

Become Freelance Colorist

With Private Facebook group