Compare Shots

Using wipe and split screen modes in the viewer is a great way to compare shots. You can compare a string of clips in a scene to each other, to variants of grades in the gallery or to versions of grades within a single clip. Clicking on “image wipe” in the top left of the viewer lets you view frames from two different clips. There are options at the top right for displaying wipes horizontally, vertically, mixed, as an alpha, as a difference matte, and even as a picture in picture. When you click on split screen, it lets you display multiple full frames in the viewer at once, based on a wide variety of criteria, which you can select from the drop down menu at the top righ


Find Mismatched Shots

The lightbox, which can be turned on by clicking its icon at the top right of the screen, displays every clip in your timeline as a thumbnail with grades applied. This is a great way to see how your shots look side by side and evaluate how the grade is affecting the story. It’s also a great tool for spotting differences between shots, or to simply see if there are any shots that you missed! Use the zoom slider to see a range of clips or the complete timeline. As the story progresses, you should see the color palette and the mood of the grade reflected in each scene. Any clip that "pops" out probably needs more attention. Just select a thumbnail and turn off the lightbox to jump to that clip’s grade!